Lightning protection
planning with DEHNconcept

Save yourself time, money and resources:
The DEHNconcept planning service creates a complete lightning protection concept for your project from a single source.


Make planning lightning and
surge protection easy


You save time

You reduce costs

You conserve resources

… because DEHN does the planning work.

… thanks to an exact calculation, you only use the quantity of materials that are actually needed.

... because your people save themselves the effort of familiarising themselves with the complex subject of lightning and surge protection.

The easy way to a finished lightning protection concept

What's really practical for me is that I can delegate all the planning to someone else. Lightning and surge protection is a pretty complicated subject. Planning like this really takes a lot of time and training. Whether I do it myself or my team does it, that time is used up.

The possibility of getting everything completely from DEHN is ideal for me. I save time and my people can work on other projects.

I was also surprised that so much can be saved by calculating the material more accurately.

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Here you can get a free quote for a tailor-made protection concept. To this end, simply give us details about your project. The more details you provide, the more precise the quote will look for you. So, feel free to take your time doing this.

Especially practical: You can take a break at any time when filling in the project information sheet and continue later. Your entries will be saved.


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So you've opted for

The next step. Your project is planned in six steps:

DEHNconcept modules

Do you need a partial service at the current stage of your project?
Put together the right modules for a planning service here.

Risk analysis

Determine the hazard potential of your installation by determining the lightning protection class. On this basis, you select the appropriate protective measures and components.

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3D planning lightning protection

3D programs help to position the air-termination system exactly and to calculate material consumption precisely.­­

Learn more

Surge protection planning

For a comprehensive protection concept, supplement your lightning protection concept with powerful surge protection.­

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Earthing concepts

The planning of the earthing system must be precisely coordinated with the design of the foundations and the buildings.

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Earthing simulation

Play out various scenarios. Does the earthing system you are planning safely protect against step and touch voltages?

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Laser scanning and modelling

The 3D model forms a reliable basis for positioning the air-termination rods precisely, even for highly complex systems.

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service overview

  • Risk analysis
  • Creating a concept for isolated lightning protection
  • Creating a concept for non-isolated lightning protection
  • Creating a concept for (non-)isolated lightning protection
  • Creating a concept for earthing for lightning protection
  • Surge protection design
  • Separation distance calculation
  • Inspection and approval of lightning protection system
  • Creation of a 3D model
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Checking the protected volume of existing lightning protection systems
  • Dimensioning of earthing systems to transformer stations and switchgear installations
  • Earthing simulation of step and touch voltage
  • On-site as-built survey, project discussion
  • Final planning meeting
  • Budget planning


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