DEHNcube protects rooftop PV systems

Protect rooftop PV systems on residential buildings from lightning damage

Protect rooftop PV systems on residential buildings from lightning damage

Due to the exposed position of their components, photovoltaic systems are particularly susceptible to damage caused by lightning and surges. They must therefore be well protected.
After all, damage from lightning and surges involves more than just repairs.

Damage to the system presents a risk to continuous power supply, costs time and effort for procuring replacements and involves laborious programming during restoration of service.

What it comes down to

Continuous, climate neutral power supply

Nowadays, having a PV system is a key factor in achieving a climate neutral building. These systems feed energy into the supply system and, with a smart controller, an efficient storage system and when combined with a heat pump, also act as power and heat suppliers to buildings. Given such technical dependencies, it is obvious that the failure of just one interface will be financially very costly.ÿ

Less downtime - more independence

Surges destroy important parts of an installation, such as inverters, storage systems and intelligent controllers. The procurement of replacements for defective devices, their new installation and system configuration - all this has a negative impact on amortisation. And to add to the frustration, in the meantime, no energy can be generated for one's own consumption.

Increased availability ensures long-term yields for your customer and provides your customer with that good feeling of making a positive contribution to CO2 levels. So, get yourself a reliable protective system!

DEHNcube protects rooftop PV systems

DEHNcube YPV SCI 1000 the type-2 surge arrester, with energy protective effect type 2 + type 3, now ensures reliable protection of the inverter both indoors and outdoors. Also ideal for retrofitting.

Space-saving, flexible and quickly installed.

  • Universal
    Suitable for buildings without an external lightning protection system and, if the separation distance is maintained, with an external lightning protection system.
  • Flexible
    Available in models for one or two MPP inputs
  • Versatile
    Can be used in all PV systems with up to 1,000ÿV of string voltage
  • Safe
    Tested to EN 50539-11 and
    can be used in PV systems in accordance with IEC 60364-7-712 if the separation distance is maintained


Available separately as an accessory:
A matching Y connecting cable for every plug for easy connection.

Features at a glance

1 - For universal use, also for outdoor installation
Compact housing for wall mounting with IP65 degree of protection

2 - Visual function/defect indicator
green / red

3 - Push-in terminals
Simple, quick installation without tools

4 - No condensation
Pressure compensating element prevents the ingress of moisture

5 - Safe electrical isolation with the proven SCI principle
Patented disconnection and short-circuiting device

6 - Simple connection to an inverter
Matching pre-assembled Y connecting cable available

Easy installation - here's how

  • DEHNcube Installation Schritt 1
    Step 1
  • DEHNcube Installation Schritt 2
    Step 2
  • DEHNcube Installation Schritt 3
    Step 3
  • DEHNcube Installation Schritt 4
    Step 4

DEHNcube YPV SCI 1000

Installed easily in 4 steps:

Step 1
Insert stripped conductor end of the Y cable

Step 2
Press spring-loaded terminal

Step 3
Close screw connection

Step 4
Connect Y cable to inverter and PV module


Sample applications

  • DEHNcube YPV SCI 1000 1M

    Two-pole surge arrester with IP65 degree of protection and SCI technology for PV inverters for protecting one MPP input.

    One string means two Y connecting cables are required for the installation.

  • DEHNcube YPV SCI 1000 2M

    Four-pole surge arrester with IP65 degree of protection and SCI technology for PV inverters for protecting two MPP inputs.

    For two strings, four Y connecting cables are required for the installation.


Have you got any questions? Contact us.

Technical support

Phone: +49 9181 906 1750

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