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Interview with Harald Gamsjäger

"My top priority is protecting our service staff. This is the responsibility of the operator."

Harald Gamsjäger, Klenk + Meder/AT, is responsible for maintenance at the SCS Vienna.

Harald Gamsjäger

Ideal for the protection of employees and system availability

Harald Gamsjäger wants to provide a safe working environment for his employees and a relaxed shopping atmosphere for the customers in the Shopping City Süd (SCS) in Vienna.


When did you first become aware of the topic arc fault protection?

Harald Gamsjäger: At a product presentation where the DEHNshort arc fault protection system was introduced alongside the DEHNcare protective clothing range.

Which services did you perform at the SCS Vienna?
Almost 60 of our employees overhauled the entire electrical installation at the SCS Vienna. Since then a team of 20 has been responsible for the maintenance.

Was the SCS Vienna the first project in which you included DEHNshort in your designs?
Yes, and thanks to the excellent service provided during design, planning and initial operation it won’t be the last joint project. At DEHN you feel you are in good hands.

How did you convince your customers of the advantages of an arc fault protection system?
Availability in the shopping centre is the primary concern of UNIBAILRODAMCO, the owners of the SCS Vienna. DEHNshort considerably improves availability so that customers can shop around the clock without a care and the shops do not incur any losses.


Tip - Expert knowledge for operators

As the operator of a system you are responsible for the safety of your personnel. Arc faults endanger your staff and the permanent electrical power supply. So, it is ideal if they are detected and automatically quenched as soon as they arise. Staff enjoy optimum protection and the system is back in operation in the shortest possible time.

The special DEHN service: we support you during the risk assessment and provide intensive product training on DEHNshort.


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