DEHN schützt Öl-Pipelines
DEHN protects pipelines

EXFS Coaxial Connection Box

In the past, ex isolating spark gaps for protecting insulating joints were usually installed underground or in ex zones. Maintenance and inspection were, as a result, time intensive and sometimes involved extensive digging, which was expensive.
The answer is the EXFS Coaxial Connection Box which can be installed above the ground or outside ex zones.

Safe inspection - outside the ex zone

The EXFS Coaxial Box protects the insulating joints of pipelines in potentially explosive areas. To facilitate regular inspections, the Coaxial Connection Box with integrated ex isolating spark gap EXFS 100 is installed outside the ex zone. Thus, inspection is quick and easy. This protection solution is already in use in the natural gas transfer station of the MONACO pipeline!

  • Überspannungsschutz für GDRM-Anlagen
  • Coax connection box
  • Überspannungsschutz für GDRM-Anlagen
  • Überspannungsschutz für GDRM-Anlagen
  • DEHN schützt im Ex-Bereich

Bridging underground insulating joints

Easier inspection - without digging

A further advantage of coaxial connection technology: the Coaxial Box is the ideal solution for bridging underground insulating joints in cathodically protected pipeline sections. The overground installation of the box means that the spark gap can be tested and exchanged without having to dig first!

  • Coax Connection Box
  • Coax Connection Box

All the advantages in a nutshell

Connection with coaxial cable

When connecting with a coaxial cable, the voltage drop on the connection cable is up to three times lower than with a conventional connection cable. Cable lengths of up to 5 m are, therefore, possible depending on the insulation strength of the insulating joint!

For you, this means: maximum flexibility when connecting the Coaxial Box. Installation is particularly user friendly because it is possible aboveground or outside the ex zone.

Safe inspection without digging

Inspection and replacement of the integrated spark gap EXFS 100 takes place outside the ex zone and without any digging.
For you, this means: You have a safe working environment outside the hazardous area and save time due to overground installation.

Approved for all classes of LPS

This practical solution with the Coaxial Connection Box can be used in all 4 classes of LPS.
For you, this means: Simpler planning

Quick and easy inspection

Gaining access to the spark gap is very simple via the Coaxial Connection Box.
For you, this means: You save time because there is no need to disconnect cables or remove insulation for inspections.

Fixing material all inclusive

The delivery scope includes all fixing accessories.
For you, this means: You save time and hassle because you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Raphael Iberl

Your contact

Raphael Iberl | Market Development Manager Process Technology Oil/Gas

Phone: +49 9181 906-2296

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