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Generator junction box for PV systems

DEHNcube 2 YPV protects inverters and PV modules from surges

The prewired system solution DEHNcube 2 YPV provides safety to the PV system. The generator junction box is available for 1MPPT and 2MPPT applications, as well as commonly used inverter types.

One advantage for your work: The push-in connection terminals or cable glands with multiple sealing inserts reduce the installation effort.

Surge protection: use solar power efficiently and safely

Protect the core element of the PV system and prevent costly surge damage and failures with the DEHNcube 2 YPV.

Photovoltaics is a key component of the energy transition. PV systems produce solar power with the aim of reducing energy costs and covering a portion of one’s own energy consumption – in residential buildings, for example, for operating heat pumps, using household appliances or charging an electric vehicle cheaply. But what happens if the PV system fails? And electricity is no longer flowing into your own supply system?

The consequences are painful: you lose the cheap electricity usage for your own consumption and the yields from energy infeed. In addition, you have to fall back on expensive electricity from the supply grid.

Get yourself a reliable protective system! Prevent failures, help your customers to reduce energy costs, as well as make an uninterrupted, positive contribution to climate and environmental protection.

All the benefits at a glance

  • Simple push-in connection terminal
    The push-in terminals used allow quick and easy connection, require no maintenance and save having to crimp PV connectors. The strings are easily collected together via the feed-through terminals.
  • Only a few cable glands
    Multiple sealing inserts allow several string cables to be inserted quickly and easily into the generator junction box. This saves valuable time on installation.
  • Quick wall mounting
    The easily accessible mounting holes in the rear wall of the enclosure facilitate installation.

  • Three versions
    For 1MPPT and 2MPPT applications - suitable for commonly used inverters.
  • Protected PV systems
    The integrated DEHNguard YPV arrester protects inverters and PV modules from surges.

Features at a glance

1 - Surge protection

2 - Openings for wall mounting

3 - Individual cable glands for the equipotential bonding

4 - IP65 enclosure

5 - Push-in connection terminals

6 - Multiple sealing inserts for bundling string cables



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