DEHN protects LED street lighting systems
DEHN protects LEDs

Surge protection concepts for LED street lighting systems

Long lifetime of LEDs, reduction of maintenance work and replacement costs

Street lights are currently being retrofitted in many cities, communities and municipal utilities. In this process, conventional luminaires are frequently replaced by LEDs.

Next to all its advantages LED technology in comparison to conventional luminaire technologies has also two notable disadvantages:

  • replacement costs for equipment are higher
  • the surge immunity is lower.


Ensure longevity and availability - Avoid unnecessary maintenance

    An analysis of surge damage to LED street lights shows that in the majority of cases there are always quite a number of LED lights affected, not only one.

    The consequences of damage become evident in partial or complete failure of the LED modules, destruction of the LED drivers, reduced brightness or failure of electronic control systems. Even if the LED light is still operational, surges normally negatively affect its lifetime.

    Make sure to choose a suitable and efficient surge protection concept already at the design stage.


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