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DEHN mobile railway earthing

Mobile railway earthing

Protecting people working in the track area

Whether it is maintenance or fault rectification, it must be ensured that the electrical overhead contact line with its 15,000 volts does not pose a threat to workers or deployed personnel working in the track area.

Therefore, the specification of Deutsche Bahn (the German railway company; or DB for short) is that overhead contact lines must be isolated from the power supply according to the five safety rules. Merely switching off the current in the control room will not suffice.

Only additional earthing measures will guarantee that overhead contact lines are in a dead condition.

Protecting people working in the track area – that is the central task of mobile railway earthing.

Expert knowledge

In the event of an emergency, accident or maintenance, all parts of the contact line system must be earthed through a connection with the running rail (the return wire).
This is always done twice: in front of and behind the incident point.

In the event of a fault, a short circuit is thus produced that discharges fault currents to earth.

This protects the people working at the deployment location.

The contact line system and running rail are connected via DEHN earthing and short-circuiting devices. They have a DB drawing/material no. and are allowed to be used on Deutsche Bahn.


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