Intersolar 2019
Intersolar Europe 2019

Intersolar Europe 2019

See you in Munich!

Attend the special fair for the solar industry.
From 15th to 17th May you will find us there in hall B3, booth 372

DEHN protects PV systems

Secure the availability of your PV systems

Such a system has to be profitable. Damage due to surges definitely does not fit the bill. 

Replacing a faulty inverter or new installation takes time and money, while revenue is lost due to system downtime.

Protect your investment. Visit our stand at the fair and find out more about a comprehensive protection concept.

DEHN protects electric battery storage systems

Protect electric battery storage systems

Battery storage systems store the excess energy produced by PV systems and feed it back into the grid when required. Lightning discharge jeopardises the sensitive electronics required for the process of loading and discharging.

Minimise expensive maintenance and repair work and safeguard the availability of your storage system with a customised lightning and surge protection concept.

DEHN protects e-mobility

Lightning and surge protection for electromobility – secure your investment and comply with the standard!

Lightning effects and surges present a risk to the sensitive electronics in the e-mobility charging infrastructure. Not only the charging station is at risk, but your customer's vehicle, too. Downtime and damage can soon become an expensive matter.

Think about comprehensive lightning and surge protection concepts which…

  • prevent injury and damage to property
  • and, at the same time, fulfil both current normative requirements according to DIN VDE 0100-443 and those in a revised version of IEC 60364-7-222 due to be published in 2019.

DEHN protects the smart home

Protection solutions for the smart home

Modern lifestyle is increasingly defined by digital devices: Smart TV, intelligent home automation, burglar alarms, e-mobility … a lot of us already take smart technology for granted.

The downside of smart is that devices are becoming increasingly sensitive and more susceptible to interference.

Consistent protection concepts are needed here.

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