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Überspannungsschutz Mobilfunk - Expertenwissen Betreiber
DEHN protects cell sites

Compact knowledge for mobile network operators

Non-stop network availability – Safety for your installations and systems

Digitalisation is in full swing: Technological developments are moving at breakneck speed and are changing the way we communicate, work, learn and live.

Highly available mobile networks for real-time services such as autonomous driving or smart manufacturing infrastructure (5G network slicing) require special protection for the mobile radio equipment. As an operator, you know that the failure of such networks, e.g. due to lightning strikes or surges, often has severe economic consequences.
The top priority is therefore to prevent outages and maintain reliable network availability.

Specific protection concepts mean higher system availability

Direct lightning strikes pose a particular threat to the radio masts of cell sites as these are usually installed in exposed locations.
A made-to-measure protection concept for your system allows you to meet your own protection goals, such as system availability and protecting your employees.

Only by combining components for earth-termination systems and external lightning protection systems with lightning current and surge arresters do you achieve the safety you need to

  • Effectively protect personnel
  • Ensure the safety and high availability of installations and systems
  • Comply with and meet the requirements of laws, regulations and standards.

Implement an effective protection concept including measures for the cell site, the radio base station and the remote radio head.


Avoid unnecessary risks and implement an effective protection concept including measures for the cell site, the radio base station and the remote radio head.


The practical manual for all specialists dealing with lightning and surge protection.

Since its first edition over 30 years ago, this standard reference book has provided comprehensive knowledge of technical principles, standards and regulations. In addition, you will find project planning basics, installation examples and practical solutions for a wide variety of applications.


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