Relevant standards for e-mobility

The standards that apply today have different areas of focus, but enable permanent and comprehensive protection solutions in their holistic application. The 0100 series of standards constitutes installation standards and must therefore always be applied to the fixed installation. If the charging post is non-portable and connected via fixed cabling, it falls under the scope of the 0100 series.

When surge protection is required:
IEC 60364-4-44, clause -443

The standard IEC 60364-4-44, clause -443 states WHEN surge protection must be installed. For example, if surges can affect public facilities, commercial and industrial activities and if sensitive equipment of overvoltage category I + II is installed.

Which protection and how it is installed:
IEC 60364-5-54, clause -534

The required surge protection equipment is chosen based on IEC 60364-5-54, clause -534; i.e. WHICH surge protection is to be chosen and HOW it is to be installed.

Requirements for special installations, rooms or locations - power supply for electric vehicles: IEC 60364-7-722

Since June 2019, the standard IEC 60364-7-722

 mandates that surge protection must be factored in to publicly accessible connecting points during planning and set-up. The selection and installation of surge protective devices is governed by IEC 60364-4-44, clause -443 and IEC 60364-5-54, clause -534.

More standards within the context of

The lightning protection standard: IEC 62305

must also be observed if:

  • the charging infrastructure is installed at installations with an existing external lightning protection system
  • a general risk of a direct lightning strike is to be expected
  • the charging infrastructure or facilities are supplied by buildings that have an external lightning protection system.

Basic standard for connecting customer installations to a low-voltage system: VDE-AR-N 4100 (German standard)

For charging posts connected directly to a low-voltage system, VDE-AR-N 4100 (German standard) must also be taken into account.

This standard describes, among other things, additional requirements of type-1 arresters that are used in main power supply systems.



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