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Questions and answers about DEHNcare

Here you will find the latest information about the DEHNcare ArcFit PPE against arc faults.

When do I have to wear protective clothing?

A risk analysis provides an overview of all hazards defined at the point of use. When assessing the risks resulting from arc faults, DGUV Information 203-077 “Thermische Gefährdung durch Störlichtbögen” (Thermal risk resulting from arc faults) serves as a guideline for selecting suitable PPE against arc faults.

Does the DEHNcare ArcFit protective clothing classify as multinorm clothing?

Yes, both collections provide protection against more than two risks:

  • Indoor model:
    Protection against arc faults - IEC 61482-2:2018 APC 2
    Heat and flame protection - EN ISO 11612 A1+A2/B1/C1/E3/F1
    Antistatic workwear - EN 1149-5
  • Outdoor model:
    Protection against arc faults - IEC 61482-2:2018 APC 2
    Heat and flame protection - EN ISO 11612 A1+A2/B1/C1/F1
    Antistatic workwear - EN 1149-5
    High visibility clothing - EN ISO 20471
    Protection against chemicals - EN 13034, type 6

Why is there no double triangle on the garment?

The PPE against arc faults does not constitute electrically insulating protective clothing for work on low-voltage installations according to EN 50286.
According to the risk assessment to be carried out, the PPE against arc faults is used for work on electrical switchgear assemblies. Direct contact with live parts is not considered. According to DGUV-I 203-077, this would mean that arc fault protection is not ensured without keeping a safe distance from live parts.


Is it possible to wash the PPE?

Yes, each garment must be washed before it is used for the first time, e.g. in a standard washing machine up to 60°.

Detailed care instructions (e.g. no fabric softener) can be found on the care label directly in the garment and in the user information.

External washing by a service provider is also possible. Please contact us if applicable.

Does the PPE have to be impregnated?

The outdoor clothing must be professionally impregnated in order to reduce moisture absorption at the seams.

We recommend using a spray impregnation which is applied on the outside surface. The garment remains breathable and sweat absorbent.

What happens to damp outdoor clothing in the event of an arc fault?

According to previous findings, damp clothing has no negative effects on the protective function.


Can the trouser legs/jacket sleeves be shortened?

Due to the reflective strips, the trouser leg or jacket sleeve may only be shortened slightly. This may only be performed
by qualified companies using original materials.
We will be pleased to provide you with the names of our service partners. Simply get in touch with us.

Are repairs possible?

Changes must not adversely affect the performance of the clothing. Therefore, protective clothing may only be repaired by qualified companies using original material.

Subsequent changes to the protective clothing must comply with the EC-type examination certificate.

Is DEHNcare ArcFit available in different colours?

Yes, you can choose between five different colours for the Indoor models and two high-visibility colours for the Outdoor models. The online configurator helps you to configure your protective clothing quickly and easily at the click of a button.

Which size is the right one?

Simply check our size chart.

Am I adequately protected in the protective clothing alone?

No, to ensure full personal protection, you need additional protective equipment such as

  • Protective gloves,
  • Face shield and safety helmet,
  • Protective hood.

The combination of the protection components depends on the risk and the application. They must be combined individually. We will be pleased to help you with this.

Is it possible to add a logo or name?

Yes, this can be done quickly and easily via the configurator. You can choose between five positions for your logo and enter a name to personalise the protective clothing.

How long can I use the clothing?

The service life depends on the use, care and storage of the protective clothing. No specific time limit has been set in this respect.

Can I still use dirty clothing?

Defective or soiled garments which can no longer be cleaned must be withdrawn from further use.

Please remove (cut out) the serial label or make it unrecognisable before disposing of the item.


You still have questions?

Technical support ⎟ Safety Equipment

Phone: +49 9181 906 1045

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