Safe when it
matters most

With comprehensive arc fault protection, you protect people, improve fire safety and optimise system availability.

Assess risk
Minimise risk

A risk assessment helps you identify the risk of arc faults at an early stage. On this basis, you can take the appropriate measures to prevent arc faults and reduce the effects of arc energies. The process for optimising your arc fault protection concept could look like this.

ganzheitliches Störlichtbogenschutzkonzept ganzheitliches Störlichtbogenschutzkonzept

Recognise dangers, prevent damage

An arc fault is not a rare event and is therefore a hazard to be taken seriously. This fault can occur due to a technical defect, human error, impurities or foreign bodies in the system. You prevent far-reaching consequences with comprehensive arc fault protection for systems and employees.

Check list for your comprehensive arc fault protection
Use this checklist as a guideline to assess arc fault hazards in your electrical systems and optimise your company-wide arc fault protection concept. If you have any questions, please contact our arc fault expert.
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Follow the Hierarchy of Risk Control

As a general rule, hazards are always eliminated at their source. If this does not suffice, further preventive measures can be taken as per the hierarchy of risk control in accordance with NFPA 70 E.


e.g. disconnect all electrical equipment completely


e.g. internal arc fault mitigation system (IAMS)

Engineering controls

e.g. adjustment of circuit breaker settings


e.g. arc flash labelling

Administrative controls

e.g. planned work procedures


e.g. arc-rated PPE

The right solution
according to the hierarchy of risk control:

dialogue guideline

Determine arc fault protection measures in the dialogue

If you want to evaluate your system availability as well as the protection of people, our dialogue guideline will help you