Earthing and equipotential bonding – for safety in the hospital.

An essential requirement for the reliable operation of all electrical systems in a building is a functional earthing and equipotential bonding system. Since a large number of electrical systems are in use in medical facilities such as hospitals, earthing and equipotential bonding represent important safety components there. Pay attention to well thought-out planning and professional execution. After all, errors can often only be rectified later with difficulty and at great expense.

1: Strip steel 2: Connecting clamp 3: Rebar clip 4: Wall bushing 4: Wall bushing 5: Round steel 6: Cross clamp 7: Anti-corrosion tape 1: Strip steel 2: Connecting clamp 3: Rebar clip 4: Wanddurchführung 4: Wall bushing 5: Round steel 6: Cross clamp 7: Anti-corrosion tape


Strip steel

Steel strip to EN 62561-2 with zinc coating ≥ 70 µm mean value (approx. 500 g/m2), for use in lightning protection and earthing systems.

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Connecting clamp

Connecting clamp to EN 62561-1, for connecting reinforcing steel mesh or reinforcements with flat conductors. Design for T, cross and parallel connections.

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Rebar clamp DEHNclip

Quick – Easy – Tested with lightning currents – that's DEHNclip, a reinforcing clamp that enables a secure connection of earthing materials with reinforcements without tools.

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Water-pressure-tight wall bushing

Water-pressure-tight wall bushing for watertight concrete construction, for the water-pressure-tight feeding of earthing conductors / equipotential bonding conductors through concrete walls; with M10 threaded rod.

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Connection clamps with threaded bolt

Connection clamps with threaded bolt for connecting round and flat conductors to fixed earthing terminals with an M10/12 thread.

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Round steel

Stainless steel wire to EN 62561-2 for use in lightning protection and earth-termination systems or equipotential bonding.

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Cross clamp

Cross clamp to EN 62561-1, for the aboveground and underground connection of round and flat conductors. Design with intermediate plate and M8 screw.

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Anti-corrosion tape

Anti-corrosion tape for the enclosure of above and underground connections. For use in the ground. Comes in 10-m-long reels. UV-stabilised.

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The right way to standard-compliant earthing for hospitals.

As the safe operation of electrical systems is especially important in medical care, different standards need to be complied with when setting up earthing systems and equipotential bonding networks. Among other things, the requirements of EN 62305-3 regarding the installation of an earthing system and those of EN 50310 for setting up an equipotential bonding network need to be heeded.

DEHN offers you the right products and concepts for standard-compliant earthing and equipotential bonding networks.

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Brochure The foundation earth electrode Earth-termination system .pdf 1 MB
Brochure Product selection foundation earth electrode  according to DIN 18014 and IEC 62305-3 .pdf 2.3 MB

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