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DEHN schützt die Prozessindustrie
DEHN protects Process Technology

BLITZDUCTOR ML4 BPD 24 for process automation systems

In automation technology and process control, different communication technologies are used between the control system and sensors/actuators. DEHN has now developed a new surge protection module which is specifically suited for digital signals (DI/DO).

The BXT ML4 BPD 24 combined arrester protects 24 V DC interfaces with earthed negative pole.

In case of a fault, high short-circuit currents flow through battery-backed 24 V DC systems for supplying digital outputs. This may overload the arrester.


Prevent arrester failure

To prevent overload and failure of the arrester, the potential short-circuit current is limited by PTC resistors in the circuit. Thus, the BXT ML4 BPD 24 is ideally suited for circuits with short-circuit currents as high as 40 A in case of a fault.


Arrester testing during operation

Arresters can be easily tested without disconnecting the signal loop by means of the LifeCheck monitoring system.



Key facts at a glance

  • No arrester backup fuse needed for short-circuit currents up to 40 A
  • The arrester can also be used for systems with earthed negative pole  
  • No overload resulting from system faults in the signal circuit
  • LifeCheck arrester monitoring

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