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Data Center
Surge protection for data centres

Surge protection concept

Internal lightning protection measures offer comprehensive protection of the electrical and electronic systems during lightning strikes and switching operations.
The lightning equipotential bonding is designed for all conductive systems running from the outside into the building.

3 stages for full surge protection

An effective surge protection concept has three protection stages. Stage by stage, the penetrating energy is broken down to a safe degree, so that terminal equipment is secure.

The best protective effect is achieved when all protection stages are optimally harmonised. Crucial here is that the arresters of the individual stages are energy-coordinated as per DIN VDE 0100-534.

Stage 1

Type 1 lightning current or combined arrester
at the point where conductors enter the building.

Stage 2

Type 2 surge arrester
in the sub-distribution board

Stage 3

Type 3 surge arrester
directly on the terminal device or socket outlet

Product recommendation

Surge protection for data centres

DEHN protects data centres from surges 1 - Niederspannungsanlage 2 - Container mit Batterienotstromversorgung 3 - Dieselgenerator zur Notstromversorgung 4 - Serverraum mit Stromschiene 5 - Serverraum mit separater Unterverteilung 6 - Dachaufbauten 7 - PV-Anlage 8 - Sicherheitskameras 9 - Brandmeldeanlage 10 – Sicherheitszentrale, Office

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