Wall boxes:
Compact, standard-compliant, safe.

Plan the installation of a wall box or install a wall box: We offer you suitable compact devices and solutions for standard-compliant planning, efficient implementation and safe and reliable operation – in single-family or multi-family dwellings and in larger planning contexts. With our protection solutions, you meet the normative requirements for surge protection; e.g. according to IEC 60364-4-44, clause -443, IEC 60364-5-54, clause -534.

DEHN protection solutions
for the wall box

See the DEHN protection solutions for yourself. You will find an example presentation of our specific solution and all of the products, documents and services associated with it. If you still have more questions, we are here for you.

Safely standard-compliant

All DEHN solutions and products are standard-compliant. Learn more about the requirements of IEC 60364-4-44, clause -443, IEC 60364-5-54, clause -534 and how you can meet them with our solutions.

Normative context – Wall boxes

DEHN products for protecting wall boxes

You are ideally set up with us: We offer you a comprehensive, useful and harmonised complete range of products for surge protection. For efficient planning, convenient purchasing, seamless installation and ongoing maintenance.


DEHNcord 3P

Compact surge arrester, installation either on DIN rail or with screw lug.

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Protects the wall box data supply. Universal surge arrester for protecting Ethernet interfaces.

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DEHNshield ZP SG

Upstream of the meter: Combined arrester with RAC-spark gap technology and integrated voltage tap.

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TYPE‑1 combined arrester for telecommunication interfaces VVDSL, SVVDSL. G.fast connections up to 1 Gbit.

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Equipotential bonding bar K12

For connecting to the local earthing system.

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DEHNcord 3P

DEHNcord 3P

Aesthetics and function in one device: DEHNcord 3P can be installed simply even in small wall boxes and protects the wall box, and thus the vehicle, against surges – and it does so using very little space.

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Brochure Properly protected – Safe charging Protection concepts for the charging infrastructure of electric mobility .pdf 2.3 MB
Flyer Selection guide – Lightning current and surge protective devices Protection concept for indoor and outdoor parking spaces .pdf 0.7 MB
Flyer Safety Kit Protect your employees .pdf 1.2 MB
Brochure Test Centre DEHN tests and analyses .pdf 1.6 MB
Brochure Dynamic Times Relax: DEHN protects residential buildings .pdf 3.4 MB
Flyer DEHNcord 3P Protects wall boxes in the smallest spaces .pdf 0.3 MB
Brochure Selection matrix Lightning and surge protective devices for residential and office buildings .pdf 0.4 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Intelligent charging systems for e-mobility by Hardy Barth GmbH .pdf 1.0 MB
Reference DEHN protects. Charging infrastructure for electric mobility from Spelsberg .pdf 0.9 MB


e-Charge Hardy Barth

Intelligent charging systems for e-mobility – ideally secured even in the smallest designs by using DEHNcord 3P. Space-saving and easy to install.

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