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External lightning protection - Functional building

Lightning protection is protection against fire and, above all, personal injury. Lightning protection systems form a protective sheath around the building by intercepting direct lightning strikes and discharging them to the ground.

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A - Air-termination system

Self-supporting air-termination rod

Air-termination rod D 22/16/10 mm L 3000 mm Al with tripod R 320 mm St/tZn, tested according to EN 62561-(1+2). For protecting roof-mounted structures, can be adapted to roof slopes up to max. 10°. The air-termination rods are dimensioned according to Eurocode for a max. gust wind speed of 174 km/h. 3000 mm high, including connecting clamp for round conductors 8-10 mm.

Roof conductor holder

Roof conductor holder FB2 f. flat roofs with concrete block C35/45 and double conductor holder Rd8 mm
of type FB2, for fixing round conductors with loose conductor routing on flat roofs.

Air-termination rod

Air-termination rod D 16/10 mm L 2000 mm AlMgSi, tapered (1000 mm), chamfered at both ends, for protecting roof-mounted structures, chimneys, etc., fixed in a concrete base (17 kg) or by means of rod holders / spacers.


Spacer for air-termination rods for maintaining the separation distance according to EN 62305-3. For Rd 16mm L 530 mm with fixing plate.

B - Down-conductor system


Al round wire according to EN 62561-2, for lightning protection systems (air-termination system, down conductor or equipotential bonding). Soft-twistable.


Conductor holder for round wires. Screwless StSt holder system, easy installation (press-fit), with loose conductor routing.

Number plate set

For round / flat conductors consisting of a slotted number plate with cleat and two slotted screws.

Round wire (terminal lug)

Terminal lug according to EN 62561-2, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel (V4A), for connecting the down conductors to the earth-termination system.

C - Connecting components

MV clamp

Multi-purpose connecting clamp for universal use as cross and parallel clamp, particularly for air-termination rods and round conductors with hexagon screw, spring washer and thread in the base part.

Saddle clamp

According to EN 62561-1, for connecting round conductors with seams. Clamping range from 0.7 to 8 mm with clamping frame f. Rd 6-10 mm. Longitudinal or cross conductor routing.

Downpipe clamp

Conductor holder for downpipes, used for mounting down conductors to downpipes, fixed conductor routing.

UNI disconnecting clamp

According to EN 62561-1, for connecting the down conductor to the earth entry. Version without intermediate plate for two round conductors.


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