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Surge protection for electric shadings

DEHNcord R 3P type 2 arrester

Electric shutters and Venetian blinds should offer comfort and ease of use. Time-controlled, brightness-controlled or operated via mobile phone... "smart" shutters and blinds are often already standard. These sensitive electronics must be protected.

Normative notes:

IEC 62305-3: According to the lightning protection zone concept, all lines entering the structure must be provided with a surge protective device.

IEC 60364-4-44/5-53: This device complies with the recommendation that all lines entering the structure must be protected. DEHNcord R even protects structures without external lighting protection system against surges.

Equipotential bonding in conformity with the lightning protection zone concept – Carried out properly

The multipole DEHNcord R 3P type 2 surge arrester features a monitoring device and a disconnector. By installing this device, the requirements of the lightning protection zone concept and the IEC 60364-4-44/5-53 installation standard for buildings are met.

Easy and safe installation

DEHNcord R 3P is mounted as an adapter directly into the connecting cable of the motor. All electrical connections are now protected by a single device where formerly two single-phase protective devices were required. Protection of the "up" and "down" phase and the neutral conductor are already integrated. This saves installation time.


Another installation benefit: The device is directly mounted in the shutter/blind box without tools by means of a conventional Hirschmann connector (STAK3/STAS3).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Time-saving thanks to installation without tools
  • Space-saving since a single compact device protects all electrical connections
  • IP54 version, can thus be mounted directly into the Venetian blind/shutter box
  • Easy installation thanks to standard plug-in system
  • Clear status indication thanks to acoustic signal in the event of a fault
  • Increased safety: Downstream operation is blocked in the event of a fault

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