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Solutions for the oil and gas industry

Protection of insulating flanges, cathodic protection systems (cathodic corrosion protection) and control rooms

Chemical and petrochemical systems, such as refineries or oil, gas and product pipelines, are important parts of the infrastructure of regions or entire countries.  Because they are so crucial to day to day operations, it is important for them to be reliable.  These systems depend heavily on electrical and electronic equipment, which can be affected by lightning strikes and other transient currents.  While it is expensive to protect these systems from lightning and surges due to their sheer size, the cost is worth it in relation to the downtime and production standstill that can result from lightning-related surge damage.

DEHN has decades of experience in providing lighting protection for processing plants, and continues to research new ways to reduce lightning damage or protect against it completely.  We offer a comprehensive portfolio of proven products and customized protection concepts for the oil and gas industry.  We also simulate the parameters of lightning effects in our laboratories, allowing us to test and analyze equipment and systems to improve our overall portfolio.

Our unique impulse current laboratory allows us to optimize made to measure solutions for your business, including testing of customized and prewired connection units and the testing of measuring and control systems.  To learn more about the system we could build for your company within the oil and gas industry, contact us today.


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