Brochures on general topics

Industry solutions and applications

We provide solutions for specific industries and applications such as residential and functional buildings, power supply systems, safety systems, mobile radio stations, railway systems and process industry.

White papers

Our white papers provide a range of practical examples on lightning and surge protection measures and describe the use of our products based on specific applications.

Lightning Protection Guide

Every specialist who has to do with lightning and surge protection appreciates our in-depth LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE. For more than three decades, this standard reference book has provided extensive knowledge, e.g. on standards, regulations, fundamental aspects of project planning, installation examples and protection proposals for a wide variety of applications.

Get your free version of the LIGHTNING PROTECTION GUIDE now!

DEHNrecord measuring and test devices

Download the software, updates, instructions and manuals for the DEHNrecord multiple condition monitoring system – a system solution for arrester monitoring.

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