DEHN protects PV systems
DEHN protects photovoltaic systems

Protection of Solar Power Systems

The number and diversity of solar power systems is continuously growing. Be it roof-mounted systems on single-family houses, stand-alone systems or ground-mounted systems: Standard-compliant operation of solar power systems requires professional lightning and surge protection. DEHN offers lightning protection components and surge protective devices specifically matched to the requirements of solar power systems.

During operation, solar power systems are exposed to various environmental factors and potential interference. Moreover, unprofessional installation may lead to damage after a short time. System failure or downtime result in high costs. Therefore, permanent system availability is required to protect your investment and to ensure cost-effective operation.

Damage is frequently caused by lightning strikes and surges. System operators therefore rely on a professional and comprehensive protection system consisting of

  • An external lightning protection system with air-termination and down conductor system, taking into account the separation distance as well as an earth-termination system
  • An internal lightning protection system with surge protective devices for lightning equipotential bonding

The detailed requirements concerning the above mentioned protection system result from a risk analysis in accordance with IEC/EN 62305-2. Standards, experts, financial institutions and insurers also increasingly call for a corresponding protection concept.

In addition, requirements of the state building codes have to be observed if a solar power system is to be installed on a public building. The installation of a solar power system, for example, must not interfere with the external lightning protection system that protects persons and buildings.

Featuring patented SCI technology:

SCI stands for Short Circuit Interruption and thus for all DEHN surge arresters with three-step d.c. switching devices. The disconnectors of DEHN surge protective devices (SPDs) ensure disconnection in case of overload. Disconnectors of conventional SPDs are not suited for use in d.c. solar power systems. If disconnectors are activated, destruction of the SPD cannot be excluded due to the ignition of a d.c. arc. To prevent this, the disconnector is combined with a bypass path. In case of overload, the disconnector is activated and the d.c. arc is extinguished via the low-impedance bypass path. The fuse in the bypass path interrupts the follow current, thus safely disconnecting the arrester.

Operation and maintenance of solar power plants

Due to their large surface area, damage caused by thunderstorms and lightning strikes are likely to occur in solar power plants. If no grounding, lightning and surge protection measures are taken, malfunctions occur and the performance of the entire solar park is affected. Furthermore, repeated interference caused by surges raises the question whether damage is covered by insurance or requires general maintenance measures.

We can look back on more than 20 years of experience in protecting photovoltaic systems and are therefore a reliable partner when it comes to power plant outages or component damage caused by thunderstorms. We do not only analyze the causes, but also provide concepts for the future protection of your solar power plant.

Our Application Engineering team ensures fast response times and on-site service.

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