DEHNcord Typ 2 - IT
DEHNcord type 2 – surge arrester

Flexible and space-saving surge protective device

The DEHNcord type 2 surge arrester (two-pole, single-pole) can be installed in installation systems such as the terminal compartments of end loads, cable ducts or flush-mounted systems. The new DEHNcord surge arrester from the globally active lightning and surge protection expert DEHN, reliably protects for example outdoor LED lights from surges caused by lightning interference.

Compact in design, DEHNcord can be installed wherever the performance of a standard type 3 surge protective device for terminal equipment reaches its limits. DEHNcord ensures surge protection in line with the standard wherever space is restricted. Since according to the standard DEHNcord is a type 2 surge arrester, it can also be used at the transition from Lightning Protection Zone LPZ 0B to 1 or higher.

DEHNcord meets all normative requirements. It has a short-circuit current withstand capability Isccr of 25 kArms in case of mains-side overcurrent protection and a total discharge current Itotal of 20 kA (8/20 µs).

Despite the compact design, the device houses a mechanical operating state / fault indication and a tried and tested disconnector which does not disconnect the connected load as soon as it is tripped.

If space is restricted in the cable duct, the installation benefits of DEHNcord resulting from its flexible terminals become evident.

DEHNcord can be ideally adapted to existing installation systems. It ensures reliable protection of terminal equipment at minimum expense, takes up little space and saves installation time.


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