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Power quality in a low-voltage system

DEHNrecord Smart Device

Corporations, small businesses, private households – the supply of electrical energy is a basic necessity for everybody. For power grids to operate reliably and seamlessly, the quality of the supply must be right. For power supply companies or power grid operators, this means:

  • Ensuring the best-possible power quality as per EN 50160 and preventing disruptions, such as voltage interruptions, flickers and harmonics.
  • Evidence gathering admissible in court in the event of disputes.
  • Preventing damage in one's own grid and in customer installations.

Reliability even with fluctuating supply grids

Power supply grids are becoming increasingly susceptible to malfunctions. Above all, this is down to the increasing number of decentralised generating and non-linear consumption systems. Also, the amount of sensitive electronic equipment is increasingly massively.

The steeply rising number of these non-linear loads, such as frequency converters, inverters, power supply units, LED street lights and also electric mobility, is resulting in considerable line harmonics.

The best-possible power quality is therefore vital in preventing malfunctions, disruptions and costly damage.

All of this leads to a hugely elevated level of risk of increasing grid faults and an unstable and fluctuating power quality. Without the extensive use of power quality measuring equipment in low-voltage systems, faults are detected too late. The consequences can be serious:

  • Power supply failure
  • Malfunctions and damage in the power grid
  • Damage and malfunctions to customer installations
  • More work for staff and higher cost outlays due to troubleshooting and repairs.

Preventing damage and malfunctions in the long term

As a power supply company or power grid operator, providing users with electricity is the core business. And this must be done as reliably as possible. The basis for always having this in focus is the use of power quality measuring equipment that provides useful information. DEHN has developed a multifunctional measuring and analysis device for precisely this requirement which measures to class A standard. With the extensive installation of DEHNrecord SD in a low-voltage system, simple and future-proof monitoring is enabled, disruptions and faults are identified promptly, and evidence is documented which is admissible in court in the event of damage.


Optimally equipped with DEHNrecord SD

  • Multi-functionality and measurement of all relevant parameters in one device
  • Power quality measurement according to EN 61000-4-30, class A
  • Measurement of power-frequency overvoltages as per EN 50550 and to customised limit value definitions
  • Flexible communication links via RJ45 Ethernet interface (Modbus TCP/IP protocol and MQTT 3.1)
  • Installation advantages due to easy combination with lightning current and surge arresters

Impressive device concept

When using the DEHNrecord SD, measurements and analyses of all relevant parameters are conducted on one single device. More performance, less effort.

Added value for you thanks to a clever combination principle

Provide your customers with power without compromise. To do this, you do not just need a robust power grid. So as not to harm or damage sensitive electronics, reliable protection from lightning currents and surges is indispensable. Make it easy for yourself, and simply leave both tasks to DEHN.


  • Since the demands on lightning current and surge arresters are increasing simultaneously, we protect your power grid with robust lightning current and surge arresters
  • The device for stationary power quality measurements can be docked on easily at the installation point of lightning current and surge arresters – thus saving you the effort involved in wiring and a separate backup fuse
  • The DEHNrecord SD therefore covers the requirements both for power quality and lightning and surge protection

Got questions on how to use and install the DEHNrecord SD?

The technical support team are ready to support you and also know how you can combine the measuring and analysis device with other DEHN products.

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