Important standards for e-mobility

Which standards have to be considered for the e-mobility charging infrastructure?


The IEC 60364 standard series consists of installation standards and therefore has to be used for fixed installations. If a charging station is not movable and connected via fixed cables, it falls under the scope of IEC 60364.


IEC 60364-4-44, clause 443 (2007) provides information on WHEN surge protection is to be installed. For example, if surges can affect public services or commercial and industrial activities and if sensitive equipment of overvoltage category I + II ... is installed.


IEC 60364-5-53, clause 534 (2001) deals with the question of WHICH surge protection should be selected and HOW to install it.

What is new?

IEC 60364-7-722
Requirements for special installations or locations – Supplies for electric vehicles

As of June 2019, the new IEC 60364-7-722 standard is mandatory for planning and installing surge protection solutions for connection points which are accessible to the public.


Protection against transient overvoltages of atmospheric origin or due to switching 722.443.4 Overvoltage control

A connecting point accessible to the public is considered to be part of a public facility and must therefore be protected against transient overvoltages. As before, surge protective devices are selected and installed according to IEC 60364-4-44, clause 443 and IEC 60364-5-53, clause 534.

VDE-AR-N 4100
Basic rules for connecting customer installations to the low-voltage system

In Germany, VDE-AR-N-4100 must be additionally observed for charging posts which are directly connected to the low-voltage system. VDE-AR-N-4100 describes, among other things, additional requirements on type 1 arresters used in the main power supply system, for example:

  • Type 1 SPDs must comply with the DIN EN 61643 11 (VDE 0675 6 11) product standard
  • Only voltage-switching type 1 SPDs (with spark gap) may be used. SPDs with one or more varistors or parallel connection of a spark gap and a varistor are prohibited.
  • Type 1 SPDs must not cause operating current resulting from status displays, e.g. LEDs

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