Planning lightning protection systems for mobile communication data centers

Fit for the future – with standardized lightning protection solutions on MSC sites, always well equipped for new technologies and for enhancements to a system or building.

Mobile service/switching centers are strategically important data centers and thus central components of the recognized generations of mobile technology, such as GSM, UMTS, Long-Term Evolution (4G) up to today's fifth generation (5G). In the past, new technologies led to repeated upgrades on roof surfaces.

In order to ensure the system availability of these central data centers in the future, external lightning protection systems and earthing systems are constantly being expanded and optimized. Here, standardized lightning protection solutions simplify the integration of new and existing system technology. Pre-defined protected volumes render new lightning protection measures superfluous.

However, since the buildings at different sites vary greatly in terms of structure and equipment, maintaining the separation distances between all metal and electrical installations is a particular challenge.

  • Mobilfunkanlage
    MSC site before planning/installation of lightning protection measures
  • Mobilfunk
    Protected volume
  • Mobilfunkanlage
    MSC site after planning/installation of lightning protection measures

It is precisely here that the advantage of a 3D plan is demonstrated:

With the help of a 3D plan, an insulated lightning protection system with HVI is conceived. A set-up with a high-voltage-resistant HVI Conductor ensures the correct separation distances from the roof to the ground level. Any deficiencies with the existing lightning protection system are rectified with this work step.

Your benefits with DEHNconcept at a glance

  • All plans of the new external lightning protection system must be in accordance with Part 3 of the lightning protection standard DIN EN 62305.
  • 3D planning with DEHNconcept enables a uniform design of MSC sites with insulated (HVI) and/or conventional lightning protection systems. Existing, functional earthing systems will be taken into account and integrated.
  • The building and system protection of MSC sites is raised to the state of the art by the 3D lightning protection plan.
  • The mobile network operator receives all the data regarding system documentation. With a DEHNplan software licence, the plans can be updated to draw in additional parts of an installation on the roof surface or to reposition air-termination rods.
  • The comprehensive lightning and surge protection concept reliably ensures optimum protection and high-availability systems.

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