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AEO C and S - certified reliability

In the course of globalisation and due to the growing threat of international terrorism, transport security in international trade is becoming increasingly important. The AEO status certifies that companies comply with the high standards regarding reliability and security in international trade. The AEO certificate accelerates customs clearance (import and export) due to reduced customs inspections and priority clearance and allows easier access to further customs simplifications.

In order to obtain AEO C and S status, DEHN SE had to fulfil numerous prerequisites, for example, financial solvency, compliance measures, reliable accounting, adherence to customs regulations and safety and quality management. Moreover, DEHN SE is approved by the Luftfahrtbundesamt (German Federal Aviation Office) as a “known consignor“ and has been meeting the high standards required concerning packaging, storage and delivery of goods for many years.

Currently, the AEO status is internationally recognised by the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, the USA, Norway, Japan, Andorra and China. Our certificate combines the customs simplifications of the AEO-C (Customs) status with the security-related criteria of the AEO-S (Security) status and is regarded as the highest possible level of certification from the point of view of customs.

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