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External lightning protection - Multi-family dwelling

Lightning protection is protection against fire and, above all, personal injury. Lightning protection systems form a protective sheath around the building by intercepting direct lightning strikes and discharging them to the ground.

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A - Lay round wire


Aluminium round wire 8 mm according to EN 62561-2, for lightning protection systems (air-termination system, down conductor or equipotential bonding). Soft-twistable.

B - Mount air-termination system


Roof conductor holder made of stainless steel with tension spring, for ridge and hip tiles, for fixing air-termination systems on the ridge, e.g. for tile roofs.

C - Establish universal connections

MV clamp

Multi-purpose connecting clamp Al f. Rd 8-10mm with hexagon screw according to EN 62561-1 for universal use as a cross, T and parallel connection of round conductors. Two-part version with hexagon screw and thread in the base.

D - Install round wires


DEHNgrip with aluminium base brace. For easy fitting to interlocking tiles.


E - Safely connect seams

Saddle clamp

Saddle clamp Al according to EN 62561-1, for connecting round conductors with seams. Clamping range 0.7-8mm with clamping frame for Rd 6-10mm. Version with clamping frame, lengthwise or crosswise conductor routing.


F - Connect snow guard

Snow guard clamp

Snow guard clamp according to EN 62561-1, for connecting round conductors to snow guards. 

G - Connect metal cladding

Bridging bracket

To connect metal cladding.

H – Use downpipes when laying conductors

Downpipe clamp

Conductor holder to fix down conductors to down pipes.

I - Connect gutters

Gutter clamp

Gutter clamp according to EN 62561-1 with single-screw technique to connect round wires to the gutter bead.

J - Install round wires


Conductor holder DEHNgrip for installing round wires. Screwless StSt holder system, easy to mount (press-fit), loose conductor routing. 

K - Mark test joints

Number plate set

Variable number plate set Al, cleat Rd 7-10/Fl 30, for round / flat conductors consisting of a slotted number plate, cleat and two slotted screws.

L - Connect to the earth entry

UNI disconnecting clamp

Connection component according to EN 62561-1, for connecting the down conductor to the earth entry. Version with intermediate plate for two round conductors. 

M - Connect to the earth-termination system

Terminal lug Rd 10mm StSt (V4A)

Round wire according to EN 62561-2 as a terminal lug, made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel StSt (V4A), for connecting down conductors to the earth-termination system.


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