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DEHN schützt Gleichstrom-Bahnsysteme
DEHN protects DC railway systems

Lightning protection of direct current railway systems

Safely on the way even during storms

The constant growth of urban centres worldwide necessitates further expansion of local public transport. Direct current urban and underground railway systems are becoming more important and being extended.

In thunderstorms, platforms, stops and stations provide shelter for commuters and other travellers. Earthing shelters is particularly important. If a lightning flash finds its way to earth in this area, there may be increased step voltage with fatal consequences. Similarly, in the event of certain faults like, e.g., when an overhead contact line breaks, impermissibly high touch voltage may occur and put people at risk.


The benefits for you of a DEHN solution to protect direct current railway systems:

  • Special earthing components to protect against life-threatening step and touch voltage
  • Voltage-limiting device (VLD-F) SDS - to prevent the occurrence of dangerous overvoltages between the insulated tracks of electric railways and the earthed system parts
  • Personal protection is the top priority: Precise protection concepts which make platforms, shelters and stations a safe place for commuters and other travellers to be, even in thunderstorms

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