DEHN protects the windenergy
DEHN protects Wind Turbines

Lightning and surge protection for wind turbines

Protect your wind turbines against direct lightning strikes and transient overvoltage

Due to their height, complex design and vast exposed surface, wind turbines are most vulnerable to lightning strikes. In the majority of cases, lightning strikes and surges result in tremendous financial damage.

The main target is therefore to avoid lightning damage to the rotor blades, bearings and electrical systems. Permanent availability is the top priority of onshore and offshore wind turbines.

Protect power supply systems

Increase system availability

Reduce the risk of damage resulting from lightning currents and surges. Increase the availability of your wind turbine in the long term.

The Red/Line® series includes surge protective devices of different designs and voltage classes for protecting your power supply systems.
Moreover you'll find comprehensive devices for protecting medium-voltage components and all low-voltage systems.

Protect information technology systems

Protect the information technology components of wind turbines

The interfaces of the information technology systems of wind turbines are particularly sensitive. They require special protection against lightning effects and surges.

A protection concept with Yellow/Line products helps you minimise the risk of damage to information and data systems.

Operational safety thanks to condition monitoring

To ensure maximum availability, the proper function of the arresters installed must be permanently monitored.
The LifeCheck® arrester monitoring system is included in all arresters of the BLITZDUCTOR® XT series with RFID and can be seamlessly integrated in the condition monitoring system of your wind turbine.

Reliable detection of long stroke currents in wind power plants

DEHNdetect keeps you informed; preventing expensive maintenance work and long down times.

Damage resulting from a lightning strike does not necessarily lead to the immediate failure of a wind turbine and, therefore, often remains undetected. But, the initial long stroke current of only a few 100A might cause damage as, e.g. melting on the receptors of the rotor blades.

In the long term, this damage can lead to turbine failure

With DEHNdetect you can keep an eye on all the parameters of a lightning event. Decisions about repair jobs or servicing work are then based on detailed information rather than gut instinct.

Choose the adequate safety equipment

Protect your staff

Work on wind turbines involves considerable risks due to the high system voltages.
DEHN offers a comprehensive safety equipment portfolio which ensures work according to the 5 safety rules.

Safe work on transformers and generators

As you know, voltages can occur even after disconnection - particularly when working on transformers and permanent-magnet generators. Touching these components presents a substantial health risk. It is therefore imperative to use voltage detectors to verify absence of voltage. Earthing and short-circuiting devices ensure that these components are earthed.

Arc Fault Protection

Protect your staff AND provide optimal systems availability

Each and every day electrotechnical work is carried out at wind turbines all over the world. There is always the risk for technical defects, maloperations, contaminants or foreign objects in the installation causing arc faults.

If arc faults occur, workers are exposed to temperatures of more than 10,000°C - they might suffer severe burns. Decide for DEHN protection systems for providing maximum safety.

DEHNcare® - Personal protective equipment

Maximum protection and superior comfort. Various certificates and tests give you the peace of mind that you are providing your employees with the best possible equipment.

DEHNshort - Arc fault protection system

Reliable protection for switchgear assemblies up to 110 kA - 690V. The modular system is individually configured to suit the assembly at hand. With arc fault quenching times of just a few milliseconds, it is one of the fastest protection systems on the market.

Lightning protection

Choose the right components for earth-termination systems and equipotential bonding of wind turbines

The earth-termination system of a wind turbine is part of the electrical system and must primarily fulfil the following three tasks:

  • Protective earthing
  • Functional earthing
  • Lightning protection earthing

To ensure these functions over the entire lifetime of a wind turbine, it is particularly important to use high-class components and materials.
Here's a selection of comprehensive external lightning protection products.


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