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DEHN protects the windenergy
DEHN protects wind turbines

Protection in case of direct lightning strikes and transient surges

Lightning is particularly likely to strike wind turbines due to their exposed location, height and complexity.

As lightning strikes often cause considerable material and economic damage, it is important to protect your turbines. The chief objective is to prevent lightning from damaging the rotor blades, bearings and electrical systems. Permanent availability is the top priority, both for on- and offshore wind turbines.


DEHN safety equipment portfolio


Protect your system - With the technically highly developed DEHNshort protective system you have arc faults firmly under control and can keep downtime to a minimum.


Protect your employees - You can keep your employees safe by providing optimum DEHNcare personal protective equipment and suitable safety devices for live working.

Arc fault protection = system availability

DEHNshort, the arc fault protection system, provides reliable protection for switchgear assemblies up to 110 kA - 690V. The modular system is individually configured to suit the assembly at hand. With arc fault quenching times of just a few milliseconds, it is one of the fastest protection systems on the market.

The most common causes of arc faults are

  • errors made when working on the switchgear assembly
  • soiling
  • foreign objects like forgotten tools
  • animals which find their way into the assembly

This means that there is always a risk, even in the most modern switchgear assemblies.

An arc fault protection system offers you safety and the highest possible system availability.

Safe service and maintenance work

Work on electrical systems is extremely demanding. Your workers have to be highly concentrated and very cautious at all times.

Personal protective equipment PPE helps prevent life-threatening injury, as far as is possible. A complete set of equipment consists of a jacket, trousers, gloves, safety shoes and head protection including a face shield. All materials must be flame and heat resistant, insulating and completely cover the skin.

Provide your employees with equipment which offers them the best possible protection against arc faults.


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Here you will find a complete overview of the white papers, brochures, flyers, etc. available on protecting wind power systems.

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