Protecting e-mobility charging systems

DEHN products

  • Protect the charging infrastructure,
  • Protect the electric vehicle during the charging process,
  • Increase the availability of the charging posts,
  • Meet normative requirements.

Here you will find an overview of the relevant products for a comprehensive surge protection concept for electromobility.

Recommended products

E-Mobility - recommended products NSHV Ladesäule Datenseite Datenseite Ladesäule Datenseite Erdung, Potentialausgleich

A - Low-voltage main distribution board of smart transformer sub-stations


For protecting the power supply at the main feeder. Spark-gap-based combined arrester with integrated lightning current carrying backup fuse and low voltage protection level UP ≤ 1.5 kV (including backup fuse). Extinction of main follow currents up to 100 kArms.


Alternative: For protecting the power supply.
Type 2 surge arrester with integrated ACI switch/spark gap combination which allows safe dimensioning. Cross-sectional area of only 6mm² Cu is always sufficient.


Alternative: Type 2 arrester with integrated backup fuse in NH-00 design.

B - Charging post

AC-supplied charging posts


Our recommendation:

Combined lightning current and surge arrester to protect power supply systems in the charging infrastructure.

Time-proven spark gap technology for three-phase TT and TN-S systems (3+1 configuration). Type 1 + type 2 + type 3 protective effect up to the terminal device.


DEHNshield ZP

Type 1 and type 2 spark-gap-based combined arrester for three-phase TT and TN-S systems. To be snapped on 40 mm busbar systems.


Alternative: Type 2 arrester with integrated switch/spark gap combination. Can be used without additional backup fuse.

DEHNcord 3P TT 275 FM

This compact type 2 and type 3 surge arrester meets all relevant standards and offers reliable protection. With its many different mounting options, it fits into almost any gap. Our recommendation for use in wall boxes.

DC-supplied charging posts


Type 1 and type 2 combined arrester for DC current characteristic up to 950 V. With powerful DC switching device DCD.


Type 2 arrester for DC current characteristic up to 900 V. With powerful DC switching device DCD.

C - Information technology


Space-saving TYPE 1 combined arrester module with LifeCheck for protecting 1 pair.


Space-saving TYPE 2 surge arrester module for protecting 1 pair.

Base part BXT BAS

Base part for BLITZDUCTOR protection modules.


Universal type 2 arrester for Ethernet and structured cabling systems up to 250 MHz.

D - Earthing and equipotential bonding

Mesh mat

Protection against step voltage – stainless steel (V4A)

Connecting clamps

For mesh mats

Round wires

e.g. 10 mm round wire

Earth rod

Stainless steel (V4A)

Galvanised steel (Part No. 625151)

Connecting clamp for earth rods

Stainless steel (V4A)

Galvanised steel (Part No. 610010)

Anti-corrosion tape

To be wrapped around aboveground and underground connections and for use in the ground according to DIN 30672.


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