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DEHN unterstützt Betreiber von Anlagen der Bahninfrastruktur
DEHN protects the railway infrastructure

Compact knowledge for planning engineers and expert assessors

Safe planning of railway projects

Construction projects in the railway environment are usually very complex. This applies to new constructions as well as to the expansion of existing facilities. The electrical engineering alone involves many different areas which should always interact smoothly.


The main focus is therefore on a holistic approach. From external lightning protection to railway earthing and internal lightning protection. What is needed here are made-to-measure, individual solutions for all plant and building components.

A glance at this page will show you all the important tools and information for your planning.


DEHNconcept is also an excellent way to save time on planning. This service provides the planning of the complete lightning and surge protection for your project as a finished module.



Info for technicians

Quick access to detailed product information

Data sheets, certificates, installation instructions, specification texts, drawings, product macros

All relevant information can be found here directly by the product.
Simply enter the part number or the product name in the search box at the top of this page.

Configurators | Selection guides

Quickly and easily put together the right products for your project.


Product macros, construction and CAD drawings

Download the data for your CAE system (EPLAN and WSCAD) here free of charge.
The construction and CAD drawings are available in the formats .stp, .igs, .jt, .dwg 3D and .dxf 2D.

Documentation and test reports


The practical guide for all those who need to find out more about lightning and surge protection.

This standard reference work offers comprehensive knowledge of technical principles, standards and regulations. And has been doing so since it was first published over 30 years ago. 

Here you will find fundamental project planning information, installation examples and white papers with protection proposals for a wide range of applications.


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