DEHNcare: Personal protective equipment against the effects of arc faults for electrically skilled persons

Four collections: Hard-wearing, standard-compliant, outdoors as indoors. The personal protective equipment against the thermal effects of an electric fault arc provides reliable and comfortable protection – even in extreme situations.

Always the right protective clothing

The personal protective clothing against arc faults is available in various protection classes. In Europe, the protection classes APC 1 and APC 2 are relevant. In an international context, the PPE categories 1–4 are used. To ensure that you are optimally protected in every situation, there is personal protective equipment with jackets and trousers for every application and every fit.

ArcFit Indoor and Outdoor

The ArcFit collections conform to protection class APC 2 and PPE category 2. This multinorm clothing is also available in women's sizes.

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ArcFit HLP 63

The ArcFit collection for demanding application conforms to protection class APC 2 and PPE category 4. This multinorm clothing is the perfect fit for working on electrical installations with high energy levels.

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The ArcClassic collection conforms to protection class APC 2 and PPE category 3. It impresses with its leather–neoprene mix of breathable materials.

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The DEHNcare UnderWear increases the level of protection in combination with the ArcFit Indoor and Outdoor. Following the onion principle of layering clothing, you can achieve a higher protection class.

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