Surge protection that defies wind and weather

DEHNpatch outdoor is the new complete unit comprising surge protection and an enclosure for outdoor use. With IP 66 degree of protection, a universal mounting bracket (horizontal/vertical, pole or wall) and transmission class E, the new surge arrester DEHNpatch outdoor is the perfect protective device for Ethernet applications (also PoE++) in outdoor areas.

Demands on components are constantly increasing so that present generation protective devices already have to cover transmission rates in the gigabit range. DEHNpatch outdoor (DPA CLE IP66) can do this as it is intended for transmission class E. 

It is precisely systems like surveillance cameras, WLAN access points or point to point communication connections (wireless Ethernet Bridge) that are often installed in exposed locations. The required surge protection then also requires protection against the weather. Until now, this cost time, required an additional weatherproof enclosure and extra installation material, and made maintenance laborious.

DEHNpatch outdoor consists of a nickel-coated, aluminium die cast enclosure, screws in the cover which are fixed so they cannot fall out, and a sealing inside the cover, making it a highly functional IP66 enclosure. It allows the problem-free installation of the protective device outdoors and at a great height. The sealing elements for the patch cables are included in the scope of delivery. The cable sealing can easily be placed around the cable to fit perfectly and, once inserted in the enclose, at the same time provides strain relief on the cable in conformity with EN 62444.

When the device is mounted on an earthed metal structure, no additional equipotential bonding conductor is required because equipotential bonding is achieved via the metal enclosure. In addition, the integrated pressure equalising membrane minimises condensation in the enclosure and increases the service life.

Mounting the device is simple and versatile: horizontally or vertically on either on a pole or a wall – whatever is needed. This is down to the practical, universal mounting bracket. All the screws can be tightened using a PH1 screwdriver which, again, saves time when mounting.

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