We take action today - for a safe tomorrow.

Our long-term and holistic approach is something that has characterised us in the DEHN family company ever since it was founded in 1910. We see it as our corporate obligation to take responsibility for our own actions, conserve resources and hand over a planet on which life is worth living to future generations.

For us, this means: Economic growth must go hand in hand with the protection of resources and people. That's why we have set out to integrate sustainability step by step into all areas of our business in order to position ourselves for the future.

Our sustainable approach

As an industrial manufacturing company, we are aware of our responsibility when it comes to sustainability. This is why DEHN is gearing its business models towards sustainable management. 

We act in accordance with ESG criteria and consider the ecological (Environmental), Social and economic aspects in equal measure and harmonise them with legal regulations and social requirements (Governance) – all with the aim of sustainable company management.


Energy is the key to a sustainable world and an important lever for us to act even more sustainably. With success: in terms of energy supply, we at DEHN are well on the way to CO2 neutrality both at our headquarters in Neumarkt and at our site in Mühlhausen! We are, nonetheless, constantly working on further reducing our emissions and energy consumption. As part of our photovoltaic initiative, we produce solar power in Mühlhausen that significantly exceeds our own requirements in the summer months.

Environmental protection and resource conservation

As a manufacturing company, we have an obligation to use resources as conscientiously as possible. By using environmentally friendly materials in our packaging and utilising recycled materials, we are trying to maximise the conservation of resources step by step.  

In order to save valuable resources such as water or avoid the use of hazardous substances, we generally check all work steps and production processes to see how we can optimise them and make them more efficient. In this regard, our major goal is to establish an effective circular economy that is ecologically and economically beneficial for everyone.

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Sustainable supply chains

We are partners to our customers and partners to the companies that supply us. We are working together to manufacture more intelligently, optimise the value chain and keep products in the cycle for as long as possible. We are also keeping a close eye on the implementation of the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains.

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Social sustainability

As a family-owned company, we cultivate a respectful and appreciative relationship with everyone involved: our colleagues, business partners, customers and all our fellow human beings. We are aware of our social responsibility and actively support social projects in our region.

We do everything we can to make everyone feel welcome and create an environment in which people with different characteristics, backgrounds and perspectives can work together. In our social projects, we combine social commitment, technical expertise and the personal development of our employees.


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