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DEHNconcept Planung von Blitzschutzsystemen

Planning of lightning protection systems

DEHN engineering know-how for your projects

Save time - Let us plan the lightning protection and earth-termination system for your next project.

Time is really always too short... how about if you could simply outsource parts of the planning?

You can do that!

With DEHNconcept you get your protection concept as a finished module. For documentation, you receive all planning documents in open form - in addition, we clarify industry and country-specific peculiarities in project discussions and on-site visits. This allows you to find the optimum solution for the lightning protection and earth-termination system in your project.
A complete lightning protection and earthing concept consists of the following elements:

  • Planning of the external lightning protection system
  • Planning of earth-termination systems for new and existing buildings
  • Development of a surge protection concept
  • Risk analysis according to IEC 62305
  • Digitalisation of existing systems using laser scanning
  • Dimensioning of the earthing conductor cross-sections of transformer substations
  • On-site visits and project discussions

Request your individual offer now. We develop the entire protection concept and you receive the planning as a finished module.

The right concept for your plant

DEHNconcept is subject to a fee. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for your project. Just use the link below to open the form, then fill it in and send it to us.


Have you got questions? Contact us.

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Project references

For more than a decade, we have been planning lightning and surge protection solutions for different projects and industries. Find below some examples of our customer projects. In case you require more information, please get in contact with us!

Solarpark Griechenland

Greece - Free field pv-system

Free field photovoltaic systems are cost-intensive systems. Permanent availability is required to achieve a good return on investment. An efficient lightning protection system prevents failure resulting from lightning strikes. Therefore an isolated external lightning protection system is also often used in this case.

The free field photovoltaic system in Greece was equipped with an isolated lightning protection system with air-termination rods and insulated spacers.

Pumpstation Geyen

Germany - Pumping station

Geyen: It is also advisable to plan and install an isolated lightning protection system for individual parts of installations and systems such as pipelines which are located in the open field.

In the pumping station in Geyen (Germany), HVI-power Conductors were used to lead the lighting current out of the potentially explosive areas. This measure allowed us to make the system considerably safer.

Rechenzentrum Darmstadt

Germany - Computer centre

Darmstadt: Availability has top priority in computer centres. An isolated external lightning protection system is an efficient solution since it has the advantage that no lightning currents enter the structure. This considerably reduces the risk of damage to technical equipment.

A meshed lightning protection system with HVI-Conductors was installed in the computer centre in Darmstadt (Germany).

Open Grid Europe Verdichterstation Werne

Germany - Compressor station

Werne: In industrial plants with potentially explosive atmospheres, it is important to plan a non-sparking lightning protection concept. This can be achieved by an isolated external lightning protection system.

We implemented such an isolated external lightning protection system for Open Grid Europe’s compressor station in Werne (Germany).

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