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"We are able to position ourselves as an innovative switchgear manufacturer – for us a clear competitive edge."

Martin Böse, General Manager of Böhning Energietechnik Berlin GmbH, is responsible for the switchgear construction for the Charité Berlin, phase of construction II.

Martin Böse

Martin Böse aims to provide his hospital clients with the greatest possible safety but, at the same time, the lowest possible maintenance costs. In DEHN, he has found the right partner.


How did the topic arc fault protection catch your attention?

Martin Böse: For a switchgear manufacturer like us with a focus on “power supply for hospitals” the availability of power is the top priority. Active arc fault protection is a must when it comes to securing the power supply of a hospital.


Why did you decide in favour of the DEHNshort arc fault protection system?

MB: DEHNshort is the ideal solution for us. Comparable products from other manufacturers generally have an additional switchgear panel and, as a result, take up a lot more space.


How much work did the integration of the arc fault protection system in the existing system entail?

MB: The design of the first system is always time-consuming. The system has to be tested and approved. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with DEHN, we were able to hand over the switchgear assembly in the shortest possible time. We are now working on our second project with DEHN and the project work has become almost routine for us.


How does the installation of the DEHNshort arc fault protection system benefit you?

MB: It enables us to position ourselves as an innovative switchgear manufacturer and expand our range accordingly - for us a clear competitive edge.


What are the advantages of cooperating with DEHN?

MB: DEHNshort is a compact system with which we can score points with our customers, hospital operators, when it comes to the sensitive subject of availability. DEHN provides excellent consultancy and professional product support services.

Expert knowledge

What counts for you, as a switchgear manufacturer, is the simple integration of the arc fault protection system in the switchgear assembly. Regardless of the make of the switchgear assembly, DEHNshort gives you full control of the costs and function.

We are at your side from the integration test to the hand over. We train your employees and offer support with the design, tender preparation, commissioning and acceptance tests.


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