DEHN protects Measuring and Control Systems


Easy. Safe. Robust.


The universal combined arrester protects measuring and control circuits as well as bus and telecommunication systems in industrial environments from damage caused by lightning and surges.

With a high lightning current discharge capacity of 3kA (total) and low protection levels, this new generation of devices is ideally suited for the protection of terminal devices.


You need to reliably protect process automation and measuring and control systems in an industrial environment?

The different BLITZDUCTORconnect types and device variants ensure that you always find the right arrester, precisely matched to your requirements. Intrinsically safe signal circuits can be protected with the special Ex-approved range of arresters.

All features at a glance

1 - Release button
For connection line
2 - Measuring sockets
For easy maintenance
3 - Fail-open failure mode
The signal remains available
4 - secR technology
Safe and precise removal of the module
5 - Push-in connection terminals
45° inclined, up to 2.5 mm2
6 - Earthing contact
35 mm DIN rail
7 - Signal disconnection / protection against polarity reversal
Easy maintenance by pulling the arrester module, turning it 180° and plugging it into the base part again. 
8 - Remote signalling
Thanks to optional remote signalling transmitter and receiver unit
9 - LifeCheck indication
For visual status recognition

Installation is easy

Installed in 5 steps.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect

    Easy. Safe. Robust.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect Installation Schritt 1
    Step 1 - Snapping the arrester onto the DIN rail

    Step 1

    Snap the combined arrester BLITZDUCTORconnect onto the DIN rail.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect Installation Schritt 2
    Step 2 - Connection of the incoming lines

    Step 2

    Now connect the the incoming lines on the unprotected side of BLITZDUCTORconnect.

    Use the push-in terminals to directly connect the rigid lines to the arrester.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect Installation Schritt 3
    Step 3 - Connection of the lines from the system

    Step 3

    Connect the lines from the system on the protected side of BLITZDUCTORconnect. The correct side can be easily identified by the protected label.

    When connecting the flexible lines, use a slotted screwdriver to press in the grey push-in button on the arrester.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect Installation Schritt 4
    Step 4 - Snapping on the remote signalling transmitter and receiver unit

    Step 4

    Now install the remote signalling transmitter and receiver unit.

    The 24 V power supply and the break contact for the remote signalling function are connected via the push-in button at the arrester.

    The reverse unit is simply clipped onto the DIN rail. Since this is a passive component, no wiring is required.

  • BLITZDUCTORconnect Installation Schritt 5
    Step 5 - Activation of the remote signalling unit

    Step 5

    Switch on the power supply to activate the remote signalling unit.

    The LED on the unit lights up red. After a few seconds it changes to green - now your system is safe and protected.

Video - This is how it’s done

Tips for installing BLITZDUCTORconnect


Reliable protection for process automation and measuring and control systems in industrial environments.


Haben Sie Fragen?

Technischer Support

Phone: +49 9181 906 1750

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