Surge protection for power supply systems (Red/Line)

Brochures, flyers:

ACI Technology

Brochure DS 297

DEHNshield for the protection of residential buildings

Brochure DS 193

DEHNdetect - Lightning current measuring system for detecting lightning events

Brochure DS 275

DEHNshield - Universal solution for electromobility

Brochure DS 199

DEHNrecord Alert - Efficient servicing thanks to status reports of the SPDs

Brochure DS 283

DEHNguard M YPV ... FM - Type 2 arrester for photovoltaic systems

Brochure DS 277

DEHNcord R 3P - Type 2 arrester for electric shadings

Brochure DS 276

DEHNguard SE H 1000 VA - Type 2 arrester for voltages up to 1000 V

Brochure DS 268

DEHNshield: Application-optimised Combined Arrester

Brochure DS 193

More space in the switchgear cabinet - arresters with backup fuse

Brochure DS 196

DEHNguard SE H LI - Type 2 Arrester with Lifetime Indication (LI)

Brochure DS 227

DEHNbloc Maxi CI - Type 1 lightning current arrester without additional backup fuse

Brochure DS 247

DEHNguard SE DC - Type 2 arrester for direct current applications

Brochure DS 237

DEHNcord - flexible and space-saving surge arrester type 2

Brochure DS 228

DEHNcombo YPV SCI, Type 1 + type 2 combined arrester with SCI technology

Brochure DS 218

DEHNsecure protects Direct Current Applications

Brochure DS 187

DEHNguard PCB Single-pole base parts

Brochure DS 200

DEHN protects medium voltage systems

Brochure DS 125

Coordinated surge protection

Brochure DS 641

DEHNguard M/S ... CI - Surge arrester with integrated Backup Fuse

Brochure DS 169

DEHNguard ME DC Y 950 FM

Flyer DS 302

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